One of my favorite parts of planning my wedding was designing the welcome bags. My husband and I are both qualified foodies so we had to make this first impression really special. A few things to think about... presentation, quality of goods and assembly.  

Traditional welcome treats come in a paper bag but we wanted to shake it up so we used a box with confetti. When thinking about the treats we decided to have a balance of sweet and savory items from local artisans. We went with Taza Chocolate, a Whoopie Pie from a local baker, Q's Nuts, Cape Cod Potato Chips and Kettle Corn. Of course we wanted our friends to party hard while knowing they had a safety net at the hotel and included blowfish, the hangover cure and a few other refreshing goodies. We used a few custom stickers and voila! a unique welcome box that kicks-off the weekend and gets everyone excited for the wedding. 

Pro Tip: I recently came across this amazing company Gracious Goodies that can do all of this for you!