You are grabbing your mail as you do every day..(or week), and you notice that in the stack of bills is a uniquely shaped envelope with elegant calligraphy. Eagerly you unstick the envelope where a colorful envelope liner EMRG's, introducing a heavy cardstock invitation with painted edging and clever presentation of the event you MUST attend after this introduction.

Stationery is the first impression for any event, and the design used on the invitation is carried through to the design of the day-of stationery and inspires design for the event itself. We are always looking for unique and talented new artists and I wanted to share one with you this week that has gotten me over the moon excited. Alison from Red Tree Creations has taken the "expected" out of stationery by concepting a new WOW factor. I have used her supreme service for private parties, escort cards, and even my very own baby shower invitations. If you want to have something created that will be extremely memorable to your guests (and probably make it into a keepsake box), this stationery is a way to distinguish your style, your event, your memories.

"Transforming plain into playful, conventional into the unexpected" - RedTree Creations