Event Registration is a necessary evil.  "Necessary" is obvious but "evil" no more!  Registration Officers likely hold the least desirable job at the event. During the backups, the confusion of alphabetization, the names spelled incorrectly and the need for constant organization...now tell me that isn't evil! We have a fix that is not only modern, but inexpensive, accurate and innovative. Zkipster is an app that is compatible on all iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms which makes it functional for the vast majority of those with a cell phone or other mobile devise. With bulk list upload capabilities and instant syncing of list updates across users, it has deleted the "evil" and created a seamless "necessary" operation in which registration officers can breath easy and guests can gasp at the speed of check-in and use of exciting technology. What is the catch you ask? There is none. The price is well worth the function at a $75 blanket rate per event (thats it-$75 covers the list upload and syncing capabilities for an unlimited number of registration officers!) There are also monthly and annual rates to suit your fancy.