This past fall I attended the BizBash Expo at the Javitz Center in New York. Among the many presenters and vendors, learning about Poken was by far my biggest take away. Poken is an event technology company that provides networking, lead generation and engagement solutions.

How it works is we were each given a Poken hand, which is a small plastic four-fingered hand that can be attached to a lanyard. There was a quick registration process (name, company and email), then you begin the networking. As you make your way through the event meeting people and connecting with new vendors you clap Poken hands and immediately your information is transferred to a spreadsheet that each person can access by plugging in their Poken USB. The other great draw is that the Poken is completely customizable so it could be great placement for a lead sponsor or host branding.

So take aways... it is a great ice breaker, it boosts networking and connectivity and it is completely customizable.

Pro-Tip: Visit Poken to learn more